The “One Voice Hymnal Collection” is a curated treasure of 234 of the most well known and beloved hymns and gospel songs of our Christian faith. The collection was envisioned and created by Tom Fettke and Johnny Hall to encourage God’s people to come together, in large or small groups, and worship Him in song.

One Voice – Hymns for the People of God

The center piece of the One Voice Hymnal Collection is the new hymnal “One Voice – Hymns for the People of God”…an unparalleled worship resource. Consider the following:

  • The 234 hymns and gospel songs in the One Voice Hymnal are a masterful blend of beloved songs that have stood the test of time and a generous selection of current hymns, written by writers like Keith Getty, Stuart Townend, Ken Bible, Michael W. Smith, Twila Paris, Martin Nystrom, and many others.
  • Nearly half of the songs in the One Voice Hymnal are skillfully arranged with key changes, introductions, last verse harmonizations, choral endings, segues, transitions, repeat settings, and refrains. (See indexes pages 375-377)
  • Instrumentalists love the large print 3 ring binder One Voice Hymnal Accompaniment Edition with guitar chords. Keyboardist love the many songs with keyboard arrangements in the accompaniment.With the Accompaniment Edition instrumentalists can perform tasteful solos or ensembles adding to the worship experience.
  • Scripture readings are included throughout the hymnal along with inspiring quotes from some of the greatest leaders in church history. These encourage a spirit of devotion in corporate and individual use.
  • Speaking of scripture, two indexes are included in this hymnal to aid in personal devotion and corporate worship. On page 336 is the index entitled ABOUT THE HYMNS. Each song alphabetically listed with scripture and devotional thoughts included.Also on page 364 is the index SCRIPTURE BACKGROUNDS IN BIBLICAL ORDER. With this index if you want a hymn based on John 3:16 (to tie into the pastor’s message), you can find it here.
  • Notice the additional information provided in the alphabetical index: keys, approximate tempos, and the verses selected for the demonstration recordings and tracks.
  • Special attention has been given to the physical aspects of this hymnal. Font sizes are as large as possible in a pew size hymnal; high quality white opaque paper; binding is “smythe sewn” (the finest method of binding); linen textured Kivar cover guarantees years of service; the hymnal is light and comfortable to hold.

One Voice – the People of God Sing

To make the One Voice Hymnal fully singable for anyone, anywhere, beautiful piano/organ accompaniment tracks of all 234 songs were created. The recordings come in two different 12CD packs…a complete demo recording (red package) with piano/organ/choir combined…and a Split-Track version (blue package) with the piano/organ tracks separated from the choir. The recordings also come in a USB Wallet Card version.You can also order and download songs and tracks individually from this website under the Digital Hymns category.

The companion recordings bring the One Voice hymnal to life in any setting. With a CD player, or player with a USB port, or the songs downloaded to your a smartphone, you have an immediate resource for personal devotion or corporate worship.

Whether in the church, or in the choir, in a Bible study group, or a Sunday school class, in a gathering in someone’s home, or with your family; whether in your personal devotions, or an assisted living or nursing home, visiting the shut ins, or someone in the hospital, the One Voice Hymnal Collection is designed to be your resource for singing God’s praise.

All glory to Jesus,

Johnny Hall
President and Founder
One Voice Publishers