One Voice Publishers is built on a foundation of hymns. Our purpose in all we do is to encourage more singing together! Our first project is One Voice – Hymns for the People of God, a curated treasure of the greatest hymns and gospel songs, paired with scripture and inspirational readings, and an amazing collection of worship resource indexes. It’s perfect for personal devotions, small groups, churches, and anywhere that people gather to sing.

n addition to the One Voice Hymnal, we’ll be releasing books, choral music, and other music resources for the Church.

“Our purpose, from the beginning, was to create a resource that would inspire a resurgence of congregational singing.”

Music makes a difference! With every purchase of One Voice products, a portion of those sales is used to support the indigenous missions movement to spread the message of Jesus Christ around the world.

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All glory to Jesus,
Johnny Hall
President and Founder
One Voice Publishers